Your Holiday Home in Dalsland, Sweden

Information about Dalsland 2018

For those who might like to rent a cottage and are going to celebrate your holiday here in Dalsland. Here are brochures and publications for 2018 about Dalsland from Dalsland Turist, Dalsland Canal and others, where you will find information about attractions, events and other fun things to do in Dalsland.

In the Dalsland magazine 2018 you will find all the information about how to enjoy Dalsland’s largest resource – nature. For those who like outdoor life or need a break from the stressful everyday life there is a paradise in Dalsland with plenty of hiking trails, national parks and lakes to enjoy.

In the 2018-year brochure about Dalsland Canal, you will find very useful information about things around the canal. This year, Dalsland’s channel celebrates 150 years. Do not miss the Dalsland Channel’s anniversary program (in swedish) which is packed with events from April to November.

Find gold grain for excursions in Dalsland in this year’s brochure Art and Crafts in Dalsland 2018 (in swedish). Here you will find information about arts, crafts, culture, music and good food.

In its brochure Matrally in Dalsland (in swedish), the association Dalslandsmat has listed cafes and shops around Dalsland, which are perfect excursions for the whole family.

If you are looking for information about hikes and bird watching, see the brochure Nature Agenda 2018 (in swedish).