In June and July there is plenty to do during your vacation in Dalsland and around our cabin. In addition to fish in Ängebytjärnet, canoeing, pedal trolley, ride high-altitude zipline, ride a canal boat on the Dalsland Canal, hike the Pilgrim Trail, ride the railbus, hiking in national parks, swim in one of the hundreds of lakes in Dalsland, or pat a moose, you can find other small treats for all the whole family. Below are some examples:

Åmål Bluestown car shows

Date: June 8 to September 7

Every Thursday during the summer of enthusiasts gathered in Åmål, who like vehicles with shiny chrome and rumbling engines.

Trot Days at Åmål racetrack

Date: June 9-October 15

Visit Sweden’s only 800-meter racetrack, which throughout the summer will offer fast, exciting race.

Canal festival in Mellerud

Date: June 30-July 2

For three days there will be a big party in Mellerud with artists, children’s activities, exhibitions, dance and entertainment.

Åmål Blues Fest

Date: July 6 to 9

The whole city Åmål will be filled with the blues for several days. Over 100 artists from around the world, will perform around the city.

Tractor and machinery hit

Date: July 8 to 9

In two days it will be put on the odd machines, ranging from mopeds to army vehicles, in Steneby.

Forsbacka week

Date: July 15 to 20

A week full of events on Forsbacka Golf Club outside Åmål.

Åmål Port Festival

Date: July 20 to 22

For three days there, in the center of Åmål, there will be artists, exhibitions, food and other activities.