Rent a cottage in Dalsland, Sweden

Rent a cottage in Dalsland, Sweden

Rent a cottage that has everything

When you rent Dalsland cottage so you are close to everything a good summer might contain.

  • Close to great golf courses
  • Close to fishing and nature
  • Close to swimming and adventure

Rent a cabin to suit everyone in the family


For those who want a golf vacation is Dalsland Cottage an ideal cottage. The nearest golf course, Forsbacka Golf Club, which is ranked as one of Sweden's best golf courses are just minutes away. If you want to vary their game so it is within an hour's journey from the cottage 6 golf courses.

Fishing and nature

Like fishing? Dalsland is Sweden's most lake-rich landscape. So whether you like spinning, fly fishing, action-filled guided trolling for salmon and pike angling or cozy at the forest lake - Dalsland have it! There is running water, rapids fishing, tranquil ponds, mighty sprickdalssjöar and not least - Lake Vänern!

Bath and adventure

Just a few meters from the cottage one can take their morning or evening dip in the nearby lake. If you want to be on the larger sandy beach, there are two local beaches just minutes away. Also nearby are dressin- and canoe rentals and a few tens of meters from the house the hiking trail Large track that winds through the beautiful Dalsland Nature.

The cottage for the perfect vacation in Dalsland

Fully equipped cottage

The cottage is equipped with everything that may be needed for a party of up to 6 people.

Family friendly cottage

For children and adults, there is plenty to do in the cabin. It is equipped with games and outdoor, indoor and TV.

TV and Broadband

Lots of TV channels including international channels (German, Danish and Norwegian) and 100 Mbps Internet and WiFi via fiber.

Rent a cabin to suit everyone in the family

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